Sunday, June 14, 2009

So I took a few days off...

So Ron and I took the girls to Six Flags St Louis yesterday and had a great time. Ended up getting home around 11 pm. That is pretty late for a 12 month old and a 4 year old, but a treat like that everyonce in awhile won't hurt them!

Ron went back out of town AGAIN today for 1 week. So now I have the little monkeys all to myself for the next 5 days and 6 hours... yes the monkeys are my kids. Lets just hope that I can maintain my sanity. My friend Amanda might be coming up on Wednesday from Arkansas for a few days! That will be a nice break.

So for my scratch off labels-- I have been working on new designs for scratch off tickets and cards. In the past I created my own scatch off tickets for promotions that I included with all of my outgoing orders from eBay and The promotion was quite a success. But today I also created 2 for a Princess Birthday party. And a Fundaraiser scratch off ticket.
So I am always available to design a scratch off ticket for anyone, so that they can print them on their own printer at home saving you tons of cash. I recommend printing on high gloss photo paper and cutting them with a photo cutter. Tickets are crisp looking and professional this way. I can format the ticket to whatever format necessary so that you will not have to worry about it. Cost to do that is $7.50. Then just purchase the scratch off labels separately and stick them on and you have the perfect game for ANY occasion.
Feel free to contact me directly at for any questions or to inquire about a design for yourself!

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  1. Welcome to Etsy and good luck! I like the scratch off ticket idea...very clever!