Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Year, New Products from My Scratch Offs, LLC

Here at My Scratch Offs, LLC, we’re always working hard to remain one step ahead in the Scratch Off game. One proven way that we have found to remain cutting edge, is to allow our product offerings to constantly grow and evolve. Over the past two years alone, our Scratch Off Label offerings have more than doubled, putting MSO at a current selection of over 45 labels and an inventory of nearly 5 million Scratch Off Labels…that’s a lot of labels!

Let me take a moment to introduce to you our very first new products of the new year.

1.5” Silver Square

We listen to our customers! You asked and you shall receive. Recent popular interest and demand led to the introduction of our new 1.5” Silver Square Scratch Off Label. This label provides sizable coverage to create a large and eye-catching Scratch Off feature while still fitting comfortably within the formatting of a standard 2” x 3.5” business card.

.70” Hologram Round

Our .70” Round Labels are a favorite. Our hologram labels are extremely popular. We put the two together and voila….70” Round Hologram Scratch Off Label!

Pregnancy Announcements

What better way to share your exciting pregnancy news than with a lotto replica Scratch Off Pregnancy Announcement?! Your friends and family will receive the ultimate fake out by winning the treasured “prize”…news about your expected bundle of joy!

Bingo Game Cards

Scratch Off Bingo Game Cards are versatile and fun! From fundraisers to classroom rewards, we have heard from happy customers who have put their Scratch Off Bingo Game Cards to use in a variety of creative ways.

Coming Soon…

And for a quick glimpse into the future, look for these brand new products in the coming months!
  • 1.5” Gold Heart
  • New Baby Shower Game Cards
  • New Bridal Shower Game Cards
For a bit more about the “what” and “how” of your Scratch Off Labels and to help inspire your own creativity, click here. With endless possibilities to create and inspire…how will you use your Scratch Offs? We’d love to hear some of your ideas!  Find us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter to share photos or comments about this post.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Scratch Off Valentines by My Scratch Offs, LLC

Valentines scratch to reveal your child's photo and name!

Add some excitement and interaction to your child's classroom Valentines this year by adding a Scratch Off!

Our DIY kits include everything you need to make a Scratch Off Valentine at home. will provide you with a professional, print-ready design for you to either print at home or have printed professionally on photo paper. You will also be provided with appropriately sized Scratch Off Labels for you and your child to complete to project as a DIY.

Self-print Scratch Off Valentine Kits start at $25.00 and include the following:
  • Professionally designed, personalized print-ready artwork
  • Full release rights to self-print
  • Up to 25 Scratch Off Labels
  • Seven designs to choose from
Please contact our office to place your order!; 618.416.1623

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Our Top 5 DIY Valentine’s Day Scratch Off Ideas

Our Top 5 DIY Valentine’s Day Scratch Off Ideas

It’s the age of artisan crafting, do-it-yourself one-upmanship (or one-upwomanship if the shoe fits) and creative innovation.  So as the calendar crawls nearer to the season of love, Valentine’s Day practically screams to be included in all the artsy fun. Remember creating Valentine’s Day cards for your mom in grade school? With a little help from My Scratch Offs, you can raise the stakes in the creative crafter competition.

Each of the ideas listed below can be crafted and/or printed by you, then simply place our easy-to-use Scratch Off Labels over the parts of the project that you want your Valentine to reveal. We offer Scratch Off Labels of many shapes, sizes, and colors to let your creativity run wild.  Let’s get started!

DIY Custom Scratch Off Lottery Ticket

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Similar to our Scratch Off Lottery Ticket featured on the Today! Show, you can create your own customized lottery ticket(s) to reveal prizes or surprise messages to your Valentine. It may be a gift he or she has been wanting, or perhaps a marriage proposal?! The possibilities are truly endless.

“10 Things I LOVE About You” DIY Scratch Off Cards

Think of this card as a Valentine’s Day advent calendar. The hand-off is scheduled for February 4th and the recipient scratches off one heart per day, which means Valentine’s Day is 10 times better than ever before! Create an individual list for everyone in your family to enhance this year’s love holiday.

Secret Admirer DIY Scratch Off Valentines

Do you dare? Yes! You can create a series of Scratch Off Valentines that provide clues (subtle or obvious, depending on how much devil you have in your dare) to engage your crush in a way that no other message can. A final Scratch Off Valentine can reveal your identity or keep him or her guessing!

Kids’ Classroom DIY Scratch Off Valentines

Combine sugary treats and the fun surprise of Scratch Off Valentine cards and you’ll have a classroom full of giddy kids who will think your child is a junior genius! If every Scratch Off Valentine reveals a treat that your child hands out, you’ve elevated this year’s Valentine’s party to legendary status. Since scratching with fingernails to reveal the message is not recommended, be sure to include a shiny penny or other coin with each Valentine. And, boom! You’ve just increased the delight of every kid in your child’s class.

DIY Scratch Off Love Coupons 

Does your Valentine deserve a little pampering and TLC?  Save the fluffy teddy bear for the kids, and give your sweetie a stack of love coupons this Valentine’s Day! Prizes to be revealed on each love coupon might include: back or foot rubs, taking care of a dreaded chore, surrendering the TV remote, or a series of fun activities.  You can decide the rules of the game, but regardless, your love is sure to appreciate this fun and creative gesture!

At My Scratch Offs, we LOVE to hear about new and creative ways that people use our product!  If you come up with a unique Scratch Off idea, please share it with us!  Comment below or connect with us on Facebook.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Our Top 3 Promotional Products for Independent Consultants

Our Top 3 Promotional Products for Independent Consultants

In a time when the job market is more cutting edge than ever, many have turned to direct sales as a means of income that allows for the opportunity and flexibility of “being your own boss.”  Did you know that in 2013, direct selling is estimated to have accounted for $32.67 billion worth of retail sales? Additionally, it is estimated that the number of people working within the direct sales industry increased by nearly 6% last year! 

As the direct selling industry grows, so have our Scratch Off offerings; and independent consultants across the country are taking advantage of our custom, branded promotional products.  Read on for more information on the Top 3 Direct Selling Scratch Off Promotional tools from My Scratch Offs.

Custom Scratch Off Game Cards
If you’re in search of a completely unique and custom promotional product (and you want to leave all of the work to us) then a Custom Scratch Off Game Card is the way to go! When purchasing a custom scratch off card product, you will work one-on-one with our designer who will start with a blank screen and create a completely unique design to suit your taste and needs. All of our Scratch Off Game Cards are professionally printed on 16pt, heavyweight cardstock with a glossy UV coating for a high-end finished product. Size options range from a 2” x 3.5” standard business card to a 6.5” x 8” mailer with a variety of size options in between! With all of our custom card products, you will have full control over exactly what your users scratch to reveal.

DIY Scratch Off Cards
One of our most popular (and versatile) marketing solutions for independent consultants is our DIY Scratch Off Game Cards. Our DIY cards are custom designed and professionally printed “shells” that allow for on-going customization of what you scratch to reveal. Whereas our custom cards will be delivered to you as a completed card with the promotional variation (i.e. “% off,” “$ off,” “Free Gift,” etc.) and the scratch off already in place, our DIY cards ship with a blank promotional feature as well as the necessary Scratch Off Labels to complete your project. This option allows you to customize what your promotional item or discount will be on a card-by-card basis, thus making your Scratch Off cards appropriate for all types of events and promotions. To complete your DIY project, you simply write (we suggest using a Sharpie or similar permanent marker) your promotional variation in the formatted Scratch Off area, then peel and stick the Scratch Off Label over top of that. It is really that simple! This option allows for one card to be appropriate for a vast range of uses and that versatility makes our DIY cards a wildly popular option for independent consultants.

Custom Logo Scratch Off Labels
For the ultimate in “custom,” we offer customized Scratch Off Labels in wholesale quantities of 100,000. Custom logo Scratch Off Labels allow you to fully tailor your promotional product design to reflect you.  With a logo branded Scratch Off Label, not only are you offering a fun and interactive product, but also the additional aspect of logo customization further promotes brand alliance. Please contact our office for custom label production pricing and details. 

With a wealth of options from full service production to DIY, My Scratch Offs has something to help promote every type of direct selling business. Whether you’re rewarding attendees at home parties or procuring new clientele via a direct mailing, we will produce a promotional product that is sure to provide fun and excitement while growing your sales. For further information about the endless possibilities of Scratch Off Products, please contact our office to discuss your project with a customer service representative.

Happy Selling!