Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stark County Library uses Scratch Off Labels for Summer Fun!

Here at My Scratch Off Labels, we’re always going on about the many uses people have found for our little scratch off stickers. We’ve seen some gorgeous Save the Dates that our customers have designed, and we’ve marveled at the ingenious business promotions that these companies have come up with. We’re proud to have been a part of so many people’s special days, from weddings and anniversaries to holiday parties and baby showers. But this summer, My Scratch Off Labels has gotten the chance to help out a whole community!

The Stark County District Library is based out of Canton, Ohio. With ten different locations and four roaming bookmobiles, the district serves 250,000 people. This summer, the Stark County Library has chosen to use some of our scratch off labels as part of a rewards system within their Summer Reading Clubs. We spoke with Linda Dahl, the Public Information manager for the library, to find out more about how our scratch off labels are being used.

Each time a customer checks out a book or a magazine or an audio book they receive a scratch off ticket,” Dahl explained through the course of our email correspondence. Dahl went on to convey just how our scratch off labels have been used within the program, whose theme this year is One World, Many Stories, saying, “Each time a customer checks out a book or a magazine or an audio book they receive a scratch off ticket.”

Each reader will either receive a “Winner!” card or a “Keep Reading!” card upon scratching off the label. If the reader finds a winner card, they’ll receive some sort of small, instant prize, such as a bookmark, pen, or a coupon for a Wendy’s Frosty. Readers can also fill out the back of their ticket and turn it in to enter into the grand prize drawing at the end of the season, when the Summer Reading Clubs come to a close.

“All feedback has been positive,” Dahl said, when asked how people have been responding to the scratch off game cards. “Kids and adults find the program easy and fun. We did an online search for vendors [while looking for scratch off labels]. We also requested samples from vendors so that we could determine the quality and ease of using the product—My Scratch Off Labels was the successful low price bidder.”

The Stark County Library has found a way to use our scratch off labels to grab people’s attention around their community and keep them coming back for more. We’ve always said that there are a thousand different uses for our scratch off labels, and the Stark County Library has just added one more to the list.

Do you have an interesting idea of how to use our labels? One that maybe we haven’t considered before? If so, then let us know! Send me an email at, and maybe we can fit your idea into our next newsletter.