Sunday, June 14, 2009

My new Etsy connections

My Etsy store is only 1 1/2 weeks old- and it is getting great traffic and attention. I think I owe some of that to my activity in the forum section. I frequent the critiques and the promotions section as often as I can. Many of these people have significantly helped me get my shop to where it is right now. I received lots of advice on how to write a good short shop announcement, but still explain what these little colored dots are all about. And I got some great feedback on my current banner-- it is what it is because of the advice of fellow etsy friends.

So I met some great Etsy artists today and want to showcase a few of their products or their blogs.

The first one I met was sirenumscopuli (Don't ask me how to say it! :) This new Etsy member has beautiful white clay pendant rose necklace found here:

lostsentiments is next on my list- Here is her blog and she has these cute little hand crocheted Amigurumi Teddy bears that are just adorable here:

irinaphotography has a picture on her etsy page that is very similar in color and light to a Pebble beach picture that I have hanging in my living room: her blog is here:

gutsche has these amazing art glass lock pendants- I asked them if they could make them in gold...I am not a silver person- but look at these- AMAZING:

next is dorsethillbeads who today posted a story about a girls trip to the Baltimore Hon Fest 2009. they make and sell these cute little lamp beads. Here is a cute one! tube of dots:

glimmeringprize posted some VERY exciting news on her BLOG today! SHE IS NOW A PUBLISHED ARTIST-- How exciting is that! Now she is an artist who cleverly mixes up all different types of media that are out there to create these one of a kind art pieces. You will be amazed!

Now this one is cool- I've never seen this-- a hand carved toilet seat cover- allenbritebath here is the blog... This one is my favorite because I love bears-

Then I came across scrappincorner who sells handmade scrapbook style cards and her blog has instructions listed on how to make your own...What a great idea- This is the perfect card for me becasue it would be something I would send to my best friend Amanda! She is trade friendly- so I put the bug in her ear about that :)

Then My last one for tonight is teddystartedit and flutterbygirly- sounds like something my 4 year old would say as an excuse! But she has posted a home recipe for a sunburn relief. she is a stay at home mom, just like me who like to concoct different "lotions and potions". And who wouldn't love the cute little etsy avatar shes got:

But that is my Etsy exploring today- I came across things that were just too unique not to share- Enjoy and Good Night...

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