Friday, June 26, 2009

More Etsy friends- I have not forgotten about you!

So I have been on hiatus...Entertaining the in-laws. And keeping the kiddos entertained too! I have a quiet few hours while the kids are napping and the In-laws are out shopping with the Husband to catch up on my blog...I know you all missed me :)

So I had a forum on Etsy talking about my new blog and that I would feature their items &/or blog and there were a few that were at the end of the forum string that I have not written about- so here I will finish talking about these really cool Etsy members and their stuff...

First is pfeifferphotos- Here is the blog: For sale are some great fine art photos. I really like "Sunset" a picture of a background sunset and some tree leaves in the foreground.

Next kate8085 is an interesting one- This is a husband and wife team that do framed tattoo art for your home or anywhere! This stuff is really cool- Here is their blog

Then Latherati soap She just celebrated her 39th birthday and has a mini giveaway on her blog- leave a comment and you could win a free lip luster! So exciting! She also has an Etsy store coming soon on her blog!

#@!$%, I am getting annoyed because for some reason I can not cut and paste links...So I am sorry that the links are not making it properly to the blog... so I am having to hand type out all the links- What a pain!

Next up is cabinandcub- Here is the blog- Today she updated her blog with wood burned panels of these cute little birds! She also has these cute little notebooks in her Etsy store:

Next is felixandjayne who is currently on vacation (Internetless) in Branson, MO- That would drive me crazy too- I need my internet fix many times a day! Anyway, she hand sews these amazing little cluthes! There is an awesome artist feel the each piece that she has made- and of course they are all one of a kind! Here is her blog-

And the last one is She is a graphic designer who is about 37 weeks pregnant and is running a giveaway to the persona who correctly guesses her delivery date- She is due the 11th if July... I remember how I felt at 37 weeks- ready- so ready to deliver! Here is her blog if you want to enter her giveaway- She has some really cute digital invitations on her Etsy store to sell- She really has a great eye for design!

All these giveaways--- Maybe I should try my hand at my own Giveaway? Any suggestions?

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