Sunday, March 28, 2010

We were featured of

Yep...Twice- was featured on

READ here :) :)

So exciting with it having an excellent Alexa ranking (which we are trying to improve right now) SEO is a hot topic right now in the Mom Entrepreneuer Support Group that I belong to (which I HIGHLY recommend). My main cometitor- has 4 years worth of experience over I am just trying to catch up with her. Our prices are basically the same, but she has the google rankings. My Scratch Off Labels Stickers business is doing well and I think all of my hard work is paying off!

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Going on Vacation to Disney World...

Family Reunion to Disney World from the 17th- 24th Mar to meet up with the rest of my family- My kids will get to meet their cousins for the very first time- My brothers kids- the downfall of being part of the military world. My husband is military and my brother is military and we have never been stationed together...

Wish us luck that the weather will be favorable- and I will post some pics when we return! So excited!

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Google Ad Words for My Scratch Off Labels

My Google Ad Words account has been active for 8 months now. And crazy as this seems but I really do notice a difference in sales when I have more Ad words traffic by clicks...I try to go in and adjust the keywords that are getting clicks every so often- and I also try to add suggested keywords from google. The constant change seems to bring a different variety of visitors. Here recently I have created business relationships with a few printers, a few small business owners, and quite a few Moms. I swear by the use of google ad words. But I use this in combination with quite a few other strategies. Twitter has become a new marketing strategy- as well as our "Giveaway" for 500 Scratch off game cards that you can find here:

What is your best strategy for marketing your business?

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Power of social media

So I was skeptical of opening a Twitter account for my business. I did the Facebook fan page for and have over 100 fans, but keeping up with this blog, the Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, networking links, fulfilling orders, etc has proven to be a little too much.

But the more I get into Twitter and explore- the more I understand and now I am seeing what everyone was talking about...I can see how Twitter is a little farther reaching than Facebook for business. I love Facebook for personal reasons, not business reasons.

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You want to know the kicker of this sales from 09" to 10" are up almost 50%...and I think that my marketing strategy from August of 09 is taking effect now and that is why we are seeing the results. And I have been posting coupon codes on FB and Twitter which is resulting in sales. Who knew!

Well this is a Thanks for all your support...

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