Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Life of the Party: 8 of Our Favorite Baby Shower Game Ideas

If you think a baby shower has to be all tea sandwiches and small talk, think again! With a few creative games and lively décor, you can create an atmosphere that is conducive to letting love and genuine laughter fill the room.

Last year we shared our list of 9 Creative Baby Shower Themes. And now we’ve scoured through blogs and baby forums searching for our favorite baby shower games.  We think the activities you’ll find here are all adorable, completely classy, and sure to amp up the good energy at your baby bash.

The Name Game

Has the expectant couple been keeping the name of the baby a secret?  If they are ready to reveal their selection at the baby shower, the Name Game is the perfect way to do it.  If balloons will be part of your décor at the event, tie little strips of paper with different names to each balloon, otherwise you can just print a sheet with a list of name options for guests to choose from.  Each guest can place their bet for the name they think the couple has chosen.  Perhaps you can grant first dibs at the dessert table to the guests that correctly guess the name.

Diaper Doodle Station

Who says changing baby’s diaper has to be a drag? Offer your Mom-to-be a little comedic relief by having her baby shower guests get creative at a Diaper Doodle Station.  Guests can write personal messages of encouragement, famous quotes about parenthood, draw pictures, or adorn the bum cover with clever Mommy mantras.   

Scratch Off Baby Shower Game Cards

Of course, here at My Scratch Offs we think this is the greatest baby shower game of all!!! Scratch Off Baby Shower Game Cards are a fun surprise for your guests and are sure to spark conversation.   You might tape a game card to the bottom of each chair in your venue, and when the time is right, have your guests reach under to find their card.  

Baby Gift BINGO

This is an easy DIY baby shower game that keeps guests involved while the Mom-to-be opens her gifts. This free printable from FrugalFanatic.com lets guests fill in their own spaces with the gifts they expect the Mom-to-be to receive.  Just place a bowl of candy to use as markers and let your guests play along!

Daddy Knows Best

Include the Dad-to-be in the baby shower fun with this game idea from About.com.  A twist on the classic Newlywed game, the hostess will ask Dad questions before the shower and the Mom-to-be and the shower guests guess his answers.

Custom Crossword

Head on over to the KreativeKupcake shop on Etsy to find a very cute custom crossword puzzle for your baby shower.  The first person to complete the puzzle correctly wins a prize.

“Minute to Win It” Baby Shower Games

We found a great blog about Minute to Win It Baby Shower games over at flibbertigibberish.com and came up with a few substitutions and modifications of our own:
  • Boogie Bulb Relay - Using a baby aspirator (aka “blue boogie bulb”), each team member gets one squeeze to transfer as much liquid down the line as possible. The team that gets the most liquid to the end wins.
  • Diaper Pin in a Toy Bin – Playing on the “needle in a haystack” idea, hide a safety pin that is usually used for cloth diapers in a bin of Legos and/or other small toys.  The first team to find their pin wins.
  • Find That Binky! – Hide a baby pacifier for each team around the room and set the timer to find that little life-saver as fast as they can!
  • Baby’s Day Out – If you’ve ever tried to get kids packed up for a day out on the town, you know what a process it can be!  Have the teams work together to dress a baby doll and pack a diaper bag according to your instructions.

How Sweet It Is

We love this baby shower game idea from LilLuna.com.  This cute and colorful printable challenges guests to match common pregnancy and baby words with the names of popular candy.   

Have a Unique Baby Shower Game Idea of Your Own?

We’d love to hear from you!  Here at My Scratch Offs, we’re always looking for fun and creative ways to help our customers make the most out of their events. Tweet us @MyScratchOffs #BabyShowerGames or catch up with us on Facebook!