Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Oh, Baby! 5 Super Creative Pregnancy Announcements

You’re having a baby! Of life’s great announcements, a new bundle of joy is one of the most special and exciting pieces of information you will ever reveal to your friends and family. While some might prefer to share their news in an intimate and private reveal, others will want to shout it from the rooftops! Whatever your flavor, here is a list of five of our favorite pregnancy announcement ideas. 

Share It With a Scratch Off!
Everyone loves a Scratch Off! Why not fake your friends and fam out by giving them a “lotto ticket” that is a pregnancy announcement in disguise?! Whereas most folks will scratch a lotto ticket and hope to win (if they’re lucky!) a free ticket, a Scratch Off Pregnancy Announcement will reveal a much bigger and better “prize”… a new baby!

Blockbuster Baby Announcement

We live in a viral video age. Stay hip to the current media trends and announce your pregnancy with a short and sweet movie! We can think of few who did it more creatively than the McGillicuddys and their “Share A Coke” Campaign reveal!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words:  Pregnancy Announcement Photos 

So maybe a big elaborate reveal is just not your thing. Your pregnancy announcement is your (underline) moment; there are no rules that say your reveal must be extravagant or over-the-top. If you’re looking for a cute and low-key announcement option, consider posting a simple “We’re Expecting” photo to your social media sites. Good news spreads like wildfire and your friends will “Like” that photo left and right!

Enlist the Help of the “Big” Sib 

If your newest addition will have the good fortune of having an older sibling or two, consider giving big brother and/or sister the honor of sharing your good news! From crib “eviction” notices to “Big Brother/Sister” swag, there are multiple ways to personalize this type of announcement to suit your personality! 

“Baby” Foods 

No, we don’t mean a jar of Gerber. Think outside the box with this one.  Consider showering the people you’re presenting your announcement to with an assortment of “baby” foods (baby carrots, baby back ribs, baby peas, a jar of “Prego”…) and let them fill in the blanks from there! 

Whether you opt for a jazzy and elaborate pregnancy announcement, or simple and low-key pregnancy announcement, use your moment to not only reveal your big news, but also show the uniqueness of your personality! From fun food fill-in the blanks to mini-movies, when it comes to sharing your big announcement, the sky is the limit. 

Did you reveal your own pregnancy with flare?! Comment below or join us on Facebook and tell us all about how you did it. 

Happy New Year from Team MSO and Happy Planning!

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