Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How To Boost Your Business This Holiday Season!

Only 23 days until Christmas

Christmas is only 23 days away and now that Black Friday—the unofficial start of the shopping season—has come and gone, holiday spending is in full swing!  We at MyScratchOffs.com would like to help you (and your business) to be fully prepared to reap the benefits of the holiday shopping season…both throughout December and beyond. 

While we know that shoppers will not be in short supply during the month of December, once store-goers have reeled in their holiday spending, many businesses can experience a New Year “slump.” One way to combat the slow in sales that you may experience at the start of the New Year is to capitalize on your holiday season traffic volumes and invite your Christmas shoppers to return to your store after the holiday shopping season has concluded. A sure-fire way to beckon your consumers back to your business is by offering a discount incentive! 

Bring Them Back with a Scratch Off

Whether you are promoting a service or a product, our Scratch Off cards are a great way to wish your consumers a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year…and invite your customers to shop with you again after the holiday season has wrapped up.  Consider offering every holiday shopper a Scratch Off card worth a discount or free gift that is redeemable (exclusively) after Christmas. Not only will you be rewarding your consumers for their loyal patronage by providing them with a generous incentive, but you are also ensuring their repeat business!

Already this season, we have completed custom Scratch Off holiday products for: Party Save The Dates, Corporate Holiday Party Favors, in-store Business Promotions and internal Employee Recognition. What kind scratch off product can we create for you?

Check out our website  for more FUN holiday ideas. Our design team is standing by to customize a promotion that best suits you and your business!

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