Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Power of social media

So I was skeptical of opening a Twitter account for my business. I did the Facebook fan page for and have over 100 fans, but keeping up with this blog, the Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, networking links, fulfilling orders, etc has proven to be a little too much.

But the more I get into Twitter and explore- the more I understand and now I am seeing what everyone was talking about...I can see how Twitter is a little farther reaching than Facebook for business. I love Facebook for personal reasons, not business reasons.

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You want to know the kicker of this sales from 09" to 10" are up almost 50%...and I think that my marketing strategy from August of 09 is taking effect now and that is why we are seeing the results. And I have been posting coupon codes on FB and Twitter which is resulting in sales. Who knew!

Well this is a Thanks for all your support...

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  1. I'm glad to see your marketing strategy is working well! I initially started with a blog and Twitter, and have moved into Facebook. I think Twitter has much more far reaching audience than a Facebook Fan page. Congrats on the increase in business!


  2. I find that Twitter is an excellent place to network, find contacts in your industry and do business. Congrats as well on the increase in business!

  3. Let me also extend my congratulations on your increased business. It's encouraging for me to hear that strategies you implemented months ago are starting to take have an impact now. I also love Twitter and have made many rewarding business connections there.