Thursday, March 5, 2015


Of course we have all heard of a proposal…but how about a “Promposal”? Prom season is upon us and with that comes the (fairly) recent trend of the often creative and sometimes over-the-top Promposal. You know, the popping of the big question…“Will you go to prom with me?”

Here at My Scratch Offs, we have jumped on the bandwagon and recently introduced our Promposal Lotto Replica Scratch Off Ticket! On the heels of our wildly popular “Will You Marry Me?” Proposal Lotto Replica and our “We’re Expecting!” Pregnancy Announcement Lotto Replica, a Promposal seemed like the perfect addition to our Scratch Off arsenal!

Read on for a round-up of our favorite Promposal Tweets courtesy of #Promposal…

Toby Keith would be proud!

Taco 'bout a clever play on words.

This guy enlisted the entirety of Twitter in his Promposal!

Short and oh so sweet!

American Prom Story.

Bear-y cute!

See ladies, you can do the Promposing, too!

Do you have an uber-creative Promposal you’d love to share? Tweet us @MyScratchOffs #Promposal or catch up with us on Facebook!

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