Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2014: A Sorta Renaissance

Hello, ladies and gents!
Allow myself to introduce…myself. I am Brianna and I am the new “girl behind the blog” (save for the occasional peppering of a guest contributor or two!). I’m thrilled about the opportunity to get you up to speed on the recent exciting changes at My Scratch Offs, LLC (notice we’ve dropped the “Labels” from our name), as well as share all of my “expert” scratch off product knowledge that I have cultivated over my two years with the company. 

The utter versatility of our scratch off labels is just part of what makes our products so useful and fun. The possibilities are endless, with applications from business promotions to bridal shower games to gender reveals, and I’m gonna blog all about it!

Since its conception six years ago, My Scratch Offs, LLC has evolved from a home-based business operated solely by our fearless leader, Karen, into a multi-member team and scratch off industry leader.  Today we are selling our progressive line of products out of our brick-and-mortar store and across multiple web-sales channels including:  Amazon, Etsy & eBay. Not too shabby for a veteran, full-time military spouse and mother of two!  

So what are some of these exciting changes you may ask? Over the course of 2014, we have changed our logo and re-branded to become My Scratch Offs (formerly My Scratch Off Labels, LLC), relocated into a new (and much larger!) production and retail facility, and undergone a complete web redesign…all while increasing our retail offerings by nearly 20%! 2014 has been one heckuva year and it’s not over yet.  We are constantly developing new and exciting designs and introducing new products and services.

I’m genuinely excited by the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas with you! But before I dive right into the good stuff: a little bit about me.  I was born on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius (which makes me particularly unassuming yet ambitious…or so they say) and I have a particular knack for diplomacy, “from scratch” cooking and making lists. I’m a full-time step mommy and a part-time rock star. I’m also MSO’s customer service and social media guru. I love to be creative. I love sunshine, coffee and my job! I love coming to work every day and I’m very much looking forward to sharing some of my daily excitement with you.

Intrigued? Good!  Now stay tuned, next week: bridal inspiration.

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