Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New fun ways to use our labels!

One of the best aspects of our scratch-off labels is the complete versatility they give our customers. Are you looking for a fun way to incorporate a new idea into your wedding? Why not try one of our Wedding or Bridal Shower game card packs? Looking for a new way to let people know about your business? We have that covered too, with our customizable business promotional cards. We can help you design the product, or you can design it on your own—because we sell the labels themselves separately, you, as the customer, have complete control over the final product.

But what if you’re stuck about just how to use our Scratch Off labels? I’ve spoken with many people who find the labels intriguing but can’t seem to come up with a use of their own for them. Well, today, we’re going to go over some unique ways we’ve seen people use our labels over the years, as well as offer up a few new suggestions that may catch your eye! Curious about the man who proposed with our product? Looking for a way to spice up your next barbeque? Then you’re in the right place.

When dropping off orders at the post office, one of the mail clerks stopped me and asked me what the most interesting use of our labels has been. Without doubt, the most exciting one in recent memory is that of Reuben, the graphic designer who created his own design to match that of a local restaurant’s frequently visited by him and his girlfriend. While at first glance, the card appears to be just another coupon-style saver, you scratch to reveal the prize—a husband of your very own, who will promise to love you, adore you, and care for you. Did she say yes? The verdict is still out, but we’ve got a good feeling about this one.

Who out there is a teacher or happens to know a teacher always in the market for a fun new way to interact with kids in the classroom? Why not make a scratch-off chores list for school? Keep the children’s names on a chart with a replaceable card with that week’s responsibility hidden by a scratch-off label. Then, have each child unpin their task for the week and discover what their job is! Imagine the way the line-leader’s face will light up after uncovering that information. Even passing out papers doesn’t seem so bad if you get to play that sort of game to discover your job.

What about you party-planners out there looking for a new way to entertain your guests? The next time you make a batch of cupcakes, why not make a scratch-off cake-topper to go with them? Have one or two cupcakes be the special winners. It’s a guaranteed way to keep your guests coming back for more dessert. Even if a guest does receive a sorry cake-topper, with a cupcake in hand, everyone walks away a winner.

A slightly more devious use for our labels—why not use them to prank your friends? Has someone around the office been playing tricks or causing trouble on you? Design a standard looking business card and have what’s under the label blow their mind. We won’t offer too many other suggestions on this one. That sort of trickery is all up to you.

We’ve offered up a few suggestions for new ways to use our scratch off labels. Have any more in mind? Send your ideas to and we’ll feature them on the next issue of our newsletter!


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